Blackdown Sussex Vodka

Blackdown Sussex Vodka


Blackdown Artisan Spirits are produced by hand in small batches using only carefully selected ingredients sourced from local and English producers, combining age old traditions with a unique, modern taste of the English countryside. Blackdown Sussex Vodka, is the first Vodka to be produced in Sussex. 100% British wheat grain, it is copper pot distilled, then charcoal filtered seven times to remove all impurities and create a smooth and refined Vodka. 
A clear, bright liquid, with a delicate nose and a hint of sweetness. Extra smooth, it is creamy and elegant to taste. Perfect served chilled over ice, as a cocktail, or mixed with English Sparkling wine, a squeeze of lemon and wedge to garnish.

  • Region

    Blackdown Sussex

  • Style

    Strong full bodied liquor

  • Bottle Size